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Introduction of FOS Hotline

One of the biggest fruits of sustainability is a world where everyone feels safe and included. Fruit of Sustainability (SMC-Private) Limited’s FOS Hotline is an Al enabled digital independent grievance call and remediation follow-up center which enables global buyers and their suppliers to ensure compliance with the UNGP- Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, OECD Recommendations on Supply Chain Grievance Mechanisms and the upcoming Supply Chains/HRDD- Human Rights Due Diligence laws and Social/ethical trade initiatives.
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Features of FOS Hotline

  • Al Powered digital solution integrated with call center. Independent interface between management and the factory workers.
  • Live Dashboards, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Grievance Reports for Buyers and Factories.
  • Worker Friendly Complaint Registration through Toll Free Mobile numbers, WhatsApp Voice Messages, SMS and Emails
  • Step-wise Independent Verification and Monitoring from "Complaint initiation to Redressal"
  • Transparent and Traceable
  • Grievance Management Trainings
  • Onsite/Telephonic Worker Interviews
Features of FOS Hotline
Features of FOS Hotline

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Benefits of FOS Hotline


  • Realtime grievance dashboards with Al integration for prediction of potential risks.
  • Monitor multiple factories/suppliers through a single digital solution
  • Risk-free compliance with global human rights due diligence laws
  • Verification and monitoring of brand's supplier code of conduct
  • Worker-level outreach, traceability and transparency Cost effective verification and monitoring instead of expensive audits.
  • Adds value to brands sustainability and ethical trade initiatives
  • Variety of factory assessment add-ons for overall
  • supplier assessment and due dillegance.
  • In-line with UNGP, OECD grievance management
  • guidelines
  • Ensures inclusion, diversity and equity throughout the supply chain.


  • Independent Complaint registration hotline integrated with Digital technology capable of Complaint registration, automatic complaint tickets, complaint-wise redressal follow-up, worker interview and remediation verification.
  • Realtime complaint dashboards with Al integration for prediction of potential risks.
  • One-window Cost effective grievance management solution Value addition to Factory's Compliance and sustainability framework.
  • Manage and monitor multiple factory units, departments through a single digital solution.
  • Ontime redressal before complaint escalation. Transparent diversity and inclusion
  • Promotes women empowerment
  • Creates a culture of Harmony and accountability
  • Improves employee retention and satisfaction.
  • Builds trust between factory management and workers Risk-free compliance with global human rights due diligence laws
  • Improves Product Quality, Environmental and Social compliance


  • Easy complaint registration through toll-free calls, SMS, WhatsApp and emails.
  • FOS hotline cards with FOS ID
  • Auto complaint ticket notifications (via SMS, Email) and complaint status tracking services (Via Phone and FOS Website). Quick remediation and redressal.
  • Independent
  • Supports Identify protection and anonymous complainants (as per worker's request).
  • Provides access to legal support where required.
  • Free advise on Local Labor Laws and global human rights legislations.
  • Female and Male Hotline agents proficient in Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Saraiki and English.

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A snapshot of global human rights due diligence laws

  • uk UK Modern Slavery Act-In force as of 26th March 2015
  • franceFrench Corporate Duty of Vigilance Law -In force as of 27th March 2017
  • au Australia's Modern Slavery Act-In force as of 1st January 2019
  • us US Uyghur Forced Labour Prevention Act-In force as of June 2022
  • japan Japan's Guidelines on Respect for Human Rights in Responsible Supply Chains -In force as of 2022
  • Norway Norwegian Transparency Act- Companies required to report by 30th June 2023
  • germany German Supply Chain Act-In force for companies with over 3000 employees as of 1st January 2023
  • uk Mexico's Forced Labour Regulation - Comes into force 18th May 2023
  • germany German Supply Chain Act - to be extended to companies over 1000 employees as of 1st January 2024
  • canada Canada's Forced Labour Prevention Act* - expected to be passed in 2023 - comes into force Jan 1 2024
  • us New York Fashion Act* - expected to be passed in 2023 - comes into force 2025
  • eu EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive* - expected to be passed in 2023 - comes into force from 2025
  • eu EU Forced Labor Regulation* - expected to be passed in 2023 - comes into force from 2025

Our Team

Sarim Mehmood

Sarim Mehmood draws on more than 16 years of experience and an extensive network in Pakistan and on a global level to design Third party due diligence, conformity assessment, sustainability assurance services for global buyers and suppliers/factories. Sarim is an advocate of sustainability and has been one of the pioneers of sustainability due diligence and assurance services in Pakistan. While serving at the C-Level Leadership of various third party TIC-Testing Inspection and Certification companies in Pakistan, Sarim has developed a very deep understanding of the on-ground challenges faced by various global buyers, factories and regulators in Pakistan and has a proven track record of creating modern solutions which enable the supply chain to comply with Global legislations and Buyer Supplier code of conducts, ethical trade, environmental compliance and Product Integrity protocols.

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Aneeq Ahmed Cheema
Project Director
(Global Engagement)

Aneeq Cheema is an international development consultant, with vast experience in the global health, philanthropy and education sectors. He was also the co-founder of Rabtt, an education non-profit that worked on instilling empathy, critical thinking, and self-confidence among public and low-cost private schools in Pakistan. He was most recently associated with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Aneeq holds a Bachelor’s in Economics and Politics from Lahore University of Management Sciences and a Master’s in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University USA as a Fulbright Scholar.

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Dr. Iqra Khan
Consultant (Sustainability Research & Communications)

Dr.Iqra Khan is a PhD in Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) and Masters in Education & Globalization from University of University of Oulu, Finland. Iqra believes sustainability is a mindset which needs to be created through research, advocacy and effective communication. She has completed various successful sustainability projects focused on Industry 4.0, sustainable development, digitalization, and innovation ecosystems at Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Aalto University including her latest project on sustainable textile systems known as the Finix project.

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Syeda Sumblah Bukhari
Deputy Manager Communications

Sumblah has an Mphil Mass Communication from Lahore College for Women University and MSc in Journalism & Mass Communication from School of media and communication studies, University of central Punjab. She strongly believes the youth, especially women of Pakistan can create wonders. Sumblah also teaches at UMT and UCP Lahore and does life coaching at various institutes as a volunteer.

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Salman Jameel
Consultant (Pakistan Labor Law and Global HRDD Legislations)

Salman did his Master of Laws (LLM) from University Of London. He has been the senior partner of SJ Legal & Corporate Consultants where he has helped various individuals and corporate entities with his deep professional understanding of global human rights due diligence laws, Pakistan labor/Employment laws, dispute resolution and fraud. Salman also practices as a Partner - Dispute Resolution at Spencer West LLP.

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*Names of operations teams (especially Hotline agents) are not mentioned here due to FOS Undue Influence Policy)

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